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World Class Warehousing Solutions For Your Growing Business


Warehousing involves so much more than storage. It provides the essential foundation for your storage and distribution, ensuring that your business’s supply chain flows efficiently and satisfies your customers. 


Ovalworld Distribution’s warehouse provides both bulk stacked and racked storage solutions.


Alongside this adaptable physical storage capacity are our supremely efficient data maintenance and inventory-checking systems, so you can have full confidence that you’ll always have the stock you need on hand. 


Our warehousing capacity is over 66,000 square feet. 

Capacity is Crucial

Structured storage provides the kind of cost effective choice that means we can offer the right warehousing solution to our clients, regardless of the size of their business and their stock requirements. 

 Our pallet racking includes the following storage and systems: 

Standard Pallets

Ideal storage for a wide selection of products. Securely packed, labelled and tracked, and shelved for easy, rapid access.

Narrow Aisle Pallets

This allows us to save space when storing stock, and to offer cost-effective pallet solutions to businesses requiring space saving options. It also means you can have multiple pallet locations in the same warehouse storage space.

High Density Storage

Where clients require large volumes of storage, we offer drive in pallet racking, which means we can maximise the available storage space. We also achieve this with double deep pallet racking, turning a single run of pallets into a double run by removing aisles. 

Pallet Live Racking

This storage method allows us to take on large quantities but still allow ease of access for distribution. Although this involves high density pallet storage, we rotate stock, depending on factors such as product life or best before dates. This means our customers can benefit from the best use of capacity and efficient distribution. 

Suitable Storage Solutions

We handle many different products for our clients, and we have developed the storage structures and solutions to best suit different types of product. These bespoke storage solutions can prove invaluable in situations where we need to store delicate, valuable or other specific types of goods. 

They include: archive storage, garment storage and storage of chemicals. Where necessary, we can provide a flame-proof environment, alongside rack storage and compartmentalised warehouse areas. 

We used tiered storage structures, enabling us to make the most of our space while keeping stock trackable and accessible. When we need to select stock using our picking service, this gives us the means to work swiftly, accurately and efficiently. 


For any storage requirement, we offer a full consultation, to ensure that you can have full confidence in our facilities and storage support. 

e-Warehousing Systems

Online retail spending is continuing to grow, in the UK and globally. The physical side to this is the fulfilment of online orders, for which warehousing plays a critical part. 

 For this reason, we specialise in e-warehousing solutions. We have a warehouse management system that is perfectly in tune with the rapid and multiple ordering requirements of e-commerce, whatever the size of online venture. 

 Ovalworld Distribution’s warehousing functions are fully integrated with our picking, packing and distribution, so you can be confident in a seamless flow in your order fulfillment. 

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