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Warehouse order picking is an important part of our supply chain process. Efficiency is a crucial factor here, because picking is typically time and labour intensive. However, at Ovalworld Distribution we have firmly established order picking procedures to ensure your order fulfilment is speedy and accurate. 

Why do you need to know about picking? You want the assurance that we’re totally managing key warehouse and distribution activity on your behalf. Order picking is a vital part of this activity, as it is one of the linking procedures between warehousing and distribution. As a process, it is heavily time-reliant, and time can impact on how your customers view your service, and your business. 

Order Picking Processes

Maximising productivity is an important guiding principle. Consequently, much of what we do is to minimise the travelling time involved in locating and picking stock. 

To reduce this travel time, we have batch and cluster order picking strategies. For example, where we can combine several orders into a single piece of travelling we save on time. This is especially true of smaller, specialised orders, which is good news for many SMEs involved in niche e-commerce products. 

Bolstering this approach is our line sequence optimisation, where we use data to determine the best line sequences for the different batches that will make up orders. 

These processes  ensure that we fulfil all our clients’ orders through picking, packing and distribution quickly and efficiently.

Maximum Warehouse Efficiency

Typically, most retailers generate 60% of their sales with 20% of their total catalogue. It is vital, therefore, that we can store, identify and access this 20% easily. 

We match our stock keeping unit (SKU) codes to appropriate storage media to ensure that this fast moving stock is assigned to pallet racks where we can easily access it. 

We base these decisions on accurate calculations, measuring the volume of movement for each SKU. Using this metric means we can confidently assign all our clients’ products to the correct storage media. 


e-Warehousing Picking Solutions

Ovalworld Distribution’s order picking services are tailored for online businesses, ensuring that your order fulfilment is part of a seamless process. This includes real-time stock visibility, swift order picking, transaction records and a choice of multiple channels for distribution. 

Each of our clients’ SKUs has its own designated location in the warehouse, including pinpointed sub-locations. 

The pay-off from this system is a significant reduction in time, which is a benefit we can then pass on to your customers, with faster order fulfilment. 


Measuring Success

We believe in the continual improvement and refinement of our order picking solutions. We are committed to keeping track of our systems and monitoring our picking performance. 

Our focus is on accuracy and speed, and how we can continually strive to improve our performance to best meet our clients’ needs, so that they can provide their customers with a consistently excellent service. 


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