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Safe and Suitable Packing Solutions Tailored To The Needs Of Your Product and Customers.

Full Packing to Your Service Requirements

It’s important that individual businesses maintain the freedom to thrive on their own terms. We don’t impose universal solutions on our clients, because we understand that they have different needs, and different kinds of customers.

Therefore, we shape our pick and pack, warehouse storage and logistics solutions around these varied requirements. We work closely with you, to ensure you get the warehousing and distribution services you need, that best suit your business model. 

Capacity is Crucial

In warehousing and distribution, packing is an essential part of the order fulfilment process. 

With an ever-expanding demand for products via a broad range of businesses of different sizes, we match the ideal packing requirements to the product, and the customer. 

 Our warehouse packing solutions include: 

Shrink Wrapping

We apply flexible plastic film that shrinks to the contours of the product it is surrounding, using a heat process. This method is useful for protecting goods in transit, or for displaying them while packaged together. You see it used for multi-pack drinks cans, but also for premium price goods, where a shrink-wrap outer coating enhances the look of the product. We can provide bespoke shrink-wrapping for specialist items. 


This is an extremely accurate, automated process where we create a box based on a flat-pack template. We automatically insert products into these cartons and seal them at both ends. The cartoning process is fast but versatile, so we can handle standard size box shapes but also customised dimensions, depending on the specific product range. 

Specialised Reworking

Whatever the product, we have the expertise to pack it, and this includes using teams of highly-skilled manual packers when required. This also enables us to meet changing stock requirements swiftly and smoothly, such as changing barcodes, making quality checks, or repackaging goods in a different format for specialist marketing purposes.

Pick and Pack e-Warehousing Solutions

We know how essential fulfilment is for our ecommerce customers, whether large or small. We provide pick and pack services that will ensure your orders are swiftly sorted, selected, packed, labelled and given a barcode before dispatch. 

Our services are fully flexible, regardless of the volume of stock you need us to deal with, which means that we can add a complete fulfilment capability to your online business, even if you’re small and specialised. 

The benefits to SMEs of outsourcing packing processes are immense. You won’t have the pressure of managing additional staff and resources to carry out these functions. Nor will you need to invest in equipment or warehouse space of your own. 

The success of most e-commerce businesses is down to their flexibility and dynamic drive. We believe our warehousing services add to these qualities, helping businesses ensure their customers are satisfied, while giving them the scope to expand into new markets. 

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