Safe and secure warehouse storage for any size business with any type of product

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Picking & Packing

Efficient and precise order picking and packing services tailored to your business needs.

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Fast and precise delivery options to get your products to your customers quickly and safely.

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Welcome to Ovalworld Distribution, expert warehousing and distribution solutions and services.

For a broad range of businesses, storage and distribution are critical factors in their success. Warehousing solutions require speedy access and rapid response. SMEs are looking for the flexibility that will keep costs down, while still delivering a level of efficiency that will keep them agile and ahead of the game.

Ovalworld Distribution provide essential warehouse, distribution, picking and packing services and solutions, but we also understand that it’s about more than this. Businesses have very specific requirements, and often SMEs are looking for professional but flexible warehousing options that are not normally open to them because of their size. They need the kind of storage and distribution support that’s fully responsive to their specific requirements.

What Ovalworld Distribution provides is an ‘as if’ solution – it is as if you have your own on-site warehousing and distribution, but we do it all for you.

Whether you’re on a limited budget, or you need us to work with seasonal trading volumes, we can provide a level of service tailored to suit you, providing you with all the warehousing support and facilities you need.

Bringing Order To Your World

Businesses can trade and communicate effortlessly via the internet, giving more and more local enterprises the opportunity to expand both nationally and globally. However, successful ecommerce relies heavily on being able to deliver the goods.

What we offer are specialist e-warehousing services, e-picking and e-distribution solutions. Your business must have the means to fulfil its customers’ orders, and your customers must have trust in your capabilities to deliver to them.

We can help you build that trust.

Local businesses require a warehousing and distribution service to support them and to match their wider ambitions and operations. We do this while serving a wide business base, fulfilling national and international order requirements from our warehousing facilities in Blackburn.

Whatever your business, we’re ready to provide the support you need to ensure you can trade at the level you aspire to, with scalable solutions that are as flexible as you want them to be.

Your Ambition, Our Services

We cover the essentials you need to ensure your business has the storage, selection and distribution you and your customers can trust.

These are Ovalworld Distribution’s key services:


  • Palletised Storage
  • Clean Safe Environment
  • Most Products Stored
  • Flexible Warehousing Solutions
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Picking & Packing

  • Fast & Accurate Picking
  • Secure & Appropriate Packing
  • Stock Checks Maintained
  • Integrated Re-Ordering System
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  • Fast & Efficient Distribution
  • Reputable Couriers Used
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Close To Motorway Links
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Delivering Peace Of Mind

Professional, capable and reliable fulfilment of your orders is what will help ensure your business’s growth and future success. We’ve got your back, with warehousing and distribution solutions that support your supply chain, locally, nationally and globally.

Making your business work means being confident that you can always meet your customers’ expectations. Your reputation depends on it. Ours is built on serving you.


Your All-In-One Warehousing Solution



Your products stored safely, securely and appropriately ready to ship to your customers.


Your products packed quickly and securely ready to ship to your customers


Your customer’s orders picked accurately and your stock levels recorded and maintained.


Your products shipped directly to your customers via our reputable couriers.


Make Your World Ovalworld

Are you looking for warehousing and distribution solutions you can trust? Contact us today, and make sure your business has the support it needs.


Ovalworld Group, Bastfield Mill, Beech Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK, BB1 6LT


01254 582735